Too risky, current teams ending the expedition 9AM

Over the last few days, we've patiently waited at base camp hoping for the winds to ease and for the snow to improve. Lakpa and Dendi tried again to fix the summit ropes, but only reached another 100m above where Jangbu left the job before being turned back by soft snow that is wary of potential avalanche.

Unfortunately, our climbers have now run out of time and can't afford to wait another week for the mountain to open up. Such is the life of mountaineering, it has its joys and frustrations. We will certainly be remembering cyclone Phailin for quite some time...

Most of team A, Kate, Chris and Christian have departed for home. Jack, Anthony and Mark already made an early escape and are enjoying the lights of Diwali in Kathmandu. Tom, Noel, Charles, Jeffrey, Christine, Candace and Greg will begin their trek to Lukla soon.

Hopefully the mountain will eventually open up this season for our coming expedition teams.