Himalayan Ascent

Himalayan Ascent

We are adventurers. We are defiantly curious. We keep looking, until the world looks back. While others dream, we do. While others look, we leap. We do not fear. Because we have one spin on Earth. And we refuse to spin in place.

Heading to Manaslu 5pm

The Himalayan Ascent Manaslu Expedition 2012 is about to kick off. Support staff are already on the trail to base camp, and climbers, Chris Burke and Anders Bergval, and guides, Lakpa and Sumit, leave tomorrow.

Day 1 of trek to Manaslu base camp 10am

Day 1 was a bumpy journey on a 4WD which got bogged a few times in the muddy roads, and then a switch over to a bus to Arughat.

First day of trekking to Manaslu 1pm

It is hot and humid! Bizarre to think that the team will be freezing and wearing down suits in a few weeks time, when it's so hot at the moment.

Wet wet wet to Manaslu 2pm

The team are comfortably resting in Jaghat...relaxing after cooling showers and finally dry shoes. Yesterday was a bit of a wash out. In fact, quite a wash out. Two Sherpas had to drop their loads to beat a descending landslide yesterday. The group passed the landslide scene today and the gear is buried!

Manaslu team in Samagaon 2pm

Finally in Samagaon, the last village before base camp! The team is ecstatic that tomorrow is a rest day...well kind of a rest day with only a short day hike around the village planned. The last few days of steep trails, in rain, heat and increasing altitude have been tiring. The team will acclimatise here now for a few days and rest up before moving to base camp only a few hours walk from the village.

Ah there she is, the ol' girl Manaslu 8am

Finally the clouds have cleared a bit to offer the team first views of Manaslu, she's a beauty. Manaslu is locally known as the Japanese mountain, in reference to the various Japanese teams who attempted different routes and the successful first ascent between 1952 to 1956.

In Manaslu base camp 10am

The team is well settled in Manaslu base camp at 4800m, which is shrouded in mist and daily afternoon rain. Today they enjoyed clear views of Manaslu once above the clouds during their first rotation to Camp 1 (5700m). The climbing was good but busy! Manaslu has attracted huge numbers this year with teams rerouting Cho Oyu expeditions to this normally lesser climbed mountain.

First sleep at Manaslu Camp 1 5700m 12pm

Tonight is the team's first real sleep on Manaslu at Camp 1, 5700m. They climbed up today in good conditions and are feeling good. It's not busy at Camp 1 which is a nice change.

Snowing up top, raining down below 2pm

The storm did come dumping metres and metres of snow. The team have delayed their Camp 2 acclimatisation rotation and have made a quick escape to Manaslu base camp. Unfortunately as it snows up top, it is raining down below. But at least they're dry inside warm spacious tents and are eating well.

It's back on! Manaslu rotations continue 6am

As expected, the storm passed quietly after dumping meters of snow at base camp and higher on Manaslu. The team waited out an extra day to let the snow safely settle and compact, before beginning their 3rd and last rotation on the mountain.

Safe at base camp 4pm

A sad turn of events today had our team making a quiet descent to Manaslu base camp from Camp 2 where they were for the night. An avalanche occurred early before 5am this morning which wiped out Camp 3.

Not meant to be this year 7am

It's been an emotional and exhausting last few days. Lapka and Anjkaji spent most of yesterday on the rescue team looking for survivors or bodies. Unfortunately no one was recovered. The mountain is not safe this season. It's received too much snow, and even though it's unlikely for history to repeat itself during a single season, this mountain is just not meant to be climbed this year.