Ama Dablam season underway, and generous Dendi and Ankaji supporters

Yolande and Bert meeting Rik Jan after 1609km in memory of Ankaji Yolande and Bert meeting Rik Jan after 1609km in memory of Ankaji

This week we kick off our Ama Dablam season. For some it's a time to take care of unfinished business, for others it's a new challenge to climb the jewel of the Khumbu. For us at Himalayan Ascent, the expedition marks our final adventure for's been a long year, we're looking forward to ending it on a high.

The April earthquake literally rocked our Spring season, at the time Lakpa was leading an Annapurna expedition and Sumit was trekking in the Khumbu. Although their teams were safe, sadly HA's head expedition cook, Rabin, lost his brother at Everest base camp. Maila was a much loved assistant cook and had worked on numerous HA expeditions in the past. Lakpa and Sumit were both active in the post earthquake emergency period distributing shelter materials, food and clothes. To anyone who supported our relief work, a very big thank you!! We still have an ongoing project supporting a school rebuild in Gorkha (epicentre of the earthquake) and Rabin is still working to rebuild his village in Dolakha. Contact us for further information.

Autumn started with several treks and climbs around the Khumbu, most notable being an expedition on Pumori. Lakpa is leading our expedition on Ama dablam this year, and is currently trekking to base camp.

Our Ama Dablam season was cut short early last year in the accident of HA guide, Dendi Sherpa or "Long Man". A year has passed since we lost Dendi, but today at Lukla before he left for Ama dablam, Paul Hoskinson delivered some great news to Dendi's wife. Touched by memories of Dendi at Ama Dablam in 2013, Paul has organised with the Juniper Foundation to sponsor the education of all four of Dendi's children!

Here in Kathmandu, there was more kindness and generosity shared from Yolande Wildschut and Bert Vissers. In September this year, Yolande and Bert completed an epic 16 day 1609 km biking trip from their home in the Netherlands to France, a fundraising initiative called "Moving mountains for Ankaji and the Nepalese Sherpa community". They raised an amazing 6000 EUR for Ankaji's surviving children and for the HA welfare fund to be given to Sherpa communities and families in need of support. Yolande and Bert were inspired to do something after the passing of Ankaji during the 2014 Everest icefall avalanche and 2015 Nepal earthquake. During a Dutch North col expedition on Everest in 2005, Ankaji rescued and saved the life of their friend, Rik Jan. We were not surprised to hear about Ankaji's heroic act, he was truly an amazing person and guide. Please enjoy photos from Yolande's and Bert's inspirational journey for his family and Sherpas in need.

AnkajiYB Remembering Ankaji on the day of the accident in 2014.
AnkajiRikJan Ankaji carrying a very sick Rik Jan to lower altitude
YolandeCycling Yolande cycling to France
BertCycling Bert cycling to France